Reusing of cooking oil can lead to many chronic diseases like Diabetes, hypertension and cardiac problems. It will lead to Ulcers & Cancers. Due to the mentioned health problems by using the used cooking oil FSSAI has come up with below mentioned RUCO program.  

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) launched RUCO – Repurpose Used Cooking Oil, an system that will enable the collection and conversion of used cooking oil to biodiesel. India being one of the largest consumers of vegetable oil, India has the potential to collect more than 200 crore liters of Used Cooking Oil for the production of biodiesel by the year 2022 through coordinated action, that can fuel up the Indian Biodiesel Industry as well as Indian green energy industry.
The Food Safety And Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has already issued a guidance note in 2018 outlining the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on handling and disposal of UCO. These SOPs clearly mention that the UCO should not be disposed off into the municipal sewers or drains. Rather, it should be discarded in an environmentally friendly way, preferably by providing it to the authorized used cooking oil aggregators/collectors duly registered with authorized groups.



Used Cooking Oil is one among the biggest issues of contemporary civilization and acts as a major issue in degradation of environment, especially inside the city regions. This doesn’t suggest the agricultural setup is not suffering from it. It does get affected, but the consequences are more prominently visible in the city setup as there are extra densely populated and host an entire lot of business establishments engaged in the food and beverages (F&B) quarter. massive scale commercial use of cooking oil by means of the snacks production industry and the F&B organizations along with motels, eating places, caterers, road-side eateries, dhabas, even the street companies consequences inside the manufacturing of loads of heaps of UCO without a deliberate and clinical technique of disposal.


How do we Collect Used Cooking Oil

NSR Industries are the Authorized Biodiesel Manufacturers in RUCO (Repurpose Used Cooking Oil) initiative by FSSAI.

NSR Industries has appointed Aggregator/Dealer at various locations in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana states for collection of UCO.

NSR Industries provides various sizes of cans and barrels for collecting UCO at Restaurants , Hotels , Industrial Kitchens , Canteens , House Holds , Temples & Caterers. Our collection agents will collect from Food Business Operators all the UCO as and when the cans provided gets filled up. Collection agent will handover the collected UCO to our factory. 

Our UCO Collection Contact Number

+91 91605 14567


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